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Cleo Coulter


Fashion and portrait photography is not as glamorous as some may think. It's a tough business, filled with eclectic people and that's exactly why I love it. It is the people that you work with that make all the difference. 

my work is a combination of graphic design and straight photography. When I first started shooting professionally, I would be inspired by a concept and would shoot the photo as if it were a marketing campaign. Going to college exposed me to different perspectives and I gravitated toward straight photography. I started shooting more metropolitan and urban areas and objects with a clear focus on subject and mood.

normally, I add the photographic tricks in-camera instead of in-post as often as time permits. I've won a few awards and my work has been published here and abroad.  I've been on exhibit at some cool galleries (modest Me!). I was fortunate to have  Assisted some great photographers: Starla Fortunato (celebrity Photog), Louis Rodigers (my first Nylon Credit) and Ken Weinhart ( Bi-Coastal Fine Art and Celebrity photographer).

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